Colourful bazaars, haunting music, scenes from the Kasbah, tales of 1001 Arabian nights. They’ve inspired some of the most romantic classic movies. They will also inspire you.

Romantic images of Arabia – particularly the Middle East and North Africa – have resonated through decades of romantic movies. Take your North Africa honeymoon in this region and you’ll find that, for once, the movies echo real life. Morocco, for example, welcomes you with ultimately luxurious riads and modern hotels tucked into mediaeval cities. The Atlas Mountains present you with untrammelled views over rugged countryside. The desert tantalises with a romance all its own. In Egypt you can cruise the Nile and visit the tombs of the Pharaohs. In the Sultanate of Oman you can explore a centuries old desert culture, or simply lounge in unrivalled luxury in a beach resort that promises endless white sand, constant sun-worshipping and romantic evenings beneath a star strewn sky. They knew quite a lot about creating a romantic mood, those classic film-makers!