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A modern take on the classic ryokan, Hoshinoya offers guests a taste of tranquillity and traditional Japanese hospitality amidst the bustling streets of Tokyo’s economic centre.

With its sleek, black latticed exterior, Hoshinoya stands almost seamlessly amidst the shiny high-rises and trendy restaurants of Tokyo’s financial heart. As you make your way towards the entrance you’ll pass through the property’s Zen garden, dotted with stone benches moulded into the shapes of boats and planters. Entering through the huge, cypress door, you will be greeted by a kimono-clad guide and shown to your room through a tatami hallway lined by bamboo shoeboxes.


Each floor of the hotel houses within it a six-room ryokan, centred around a ochanoma (lounge) where tea and snacks are laid out throughout the day. The polished guestrooms combine traditional design with contemporary furnishings, with classic Japanese lighting, tatami flooring, futons and translucent shoji screens that allow natural light to filter in. On the top floor you’ll find two communal bath halls. Here guests can enjoy soaking in indoor and open-air pools fed by geothermal water drawn from 1,500 metres underground. 


Hoshinoya, Tokyo, at a glance


  • Luxury hot spring hotel situated in Tokyo’s financial district
  • Just a stroll away from Tokyo train station
  • Each floor has a six-room ryokan, all connected to one ochanoma by tatami-matted corridors
  • Bathrooms with deep soaking tubs and shower stalls
  • Décor is simple and combines traditional Japanese design with contemporary fittings
  • High-end restaurant serving French-inspired Japanese cuisine, making use of high quality local produce


For leisure and pleasure


  • 2km from the Imperial Palace and 4km from Tokyo Tower
  • Spend time in the hotel’s indoor and open-air hot springs where you can soak up the reputed benefits of high-saline geothermal water
  • Peaceful spa offering tailored health and beauty programs
  • Fitness Club with a workout room, pool and studio
  • Enjoy a Grand Kagura performance or Gagaku (traditional Japanese theatre)
  • Take part in a traditional Japanese tea ceremony or kodo (appreciating incense through smell)
  • See the city from above in a spectacular aerial tour, or cruise its historic waterways in a private boat



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