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Amankora Paro Lodge

How far can you see before the far valley becomes lost in the blue distance? How much silence can you hear?

You wind your way upwards through scented pine forests and the view becomes more impressive with every step. The valley floor seems dizzyingly small. Yet above you is the Tiger’s Nest – the ancient fortified monastery Taktsang Monastery that has somehow become attached to the vertical cliff wall. It is picture postcard perfect – the image you see when you close your eyes and imagine legendary mountain castles.

You cannot imagine how people can reach, let alone build such a marvel. It must be the work of the gods, or the nest of some mythical flying tiger. Yet, from Amankora Paro, you can visit it.

Amankora Paro, at a glance

  • All Amankora’s Lodges have been created to encourage you to experience the rich cultural heritage and stunning topography of Bhutan, whilst discovering inner peace and comfort
  • Amankora Paro has a choice of 24 suites nestling in the 2,250 metre high Paro Valley
  • Dramatic views of the 17th century ruins of Drukyel Dzong and snow-capped Jhomolhari
  • Open plan lounges and bedrooms, Bukhari wood-burning stoves, terrazzo-clad baths, separate showers and convenience
  • 30 minutes from the airport

For leisure and pleasure

  • Amankora Paro offers the unrivalled spa – with soothing and replenishing treatments, steam room and yoga/meditation rooms – that is found in all Amankora lodges
  • The spa is further complemented by views through the glass-walled sauna, over the blue pine forest and herb garden

  • We honestly believe that there is no better company for organising trips worldwide.

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