Central India & Wildlife

Dazzling colours, cities teeming with life, extraordinary sights, exuberant parades and festivals. Yes, that’s one India. But the sub continent also has luxuriant national parks, tiger reserves, little-visited riverside towns, impressively impassive Buddhist shrines and temples covered in erotic statues.

At first you will not see it, even though your guide is urgently, silently, pointing directly at it. Then, suddenly, your eyes define the tiger. The world’s largest feline. A fearsome great beast, eyes burning bright. It’s right there, almost invisible in the dense jungle. How can orange and black stripes be such effective camouflage, you ask yourself. No matter how many times you have been on safari, your first tiger is unforgettable.

But talk to Ayesha, one of our Central India expert consultants and you can embark upon a luxury, tailor-made holiday that will leave you with many, just as momentous, memories. Like the view over the canopy from the almost unknown fort in the sleepy, riverside town of Orcha. Or the ethereal atmosphere in the ruined city of Mandu. Or the contrast between the chaotic carvings and erotic statues on mediaeval Jain and Hindu temples, and the Great Stupa – an enigmatic, white, bell-shaped shrine said to house the ancient relics of the great Buddha. Ayesha can also introduce you to the quiet tranquillity and astonishing scenery of Madhya Pradesh’s Satpura National Park. A place of huge lakes and classic elephant safaris through deep jungle.

N.B. All wildlife parks in Central India are closed in July, August and September.

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