India Himalaya, Ladakh & Kashmir

You can follow in the footsteps of the old colonials, who retreated to the mountains, lakes and gardens of Northern India to escape the oppressive heat – and discover for yourself a region that is a breath of fresh air.

Consider the difference in style of a Hindu temple, and a Buddhist shrine. The one is full of vivacious carvings, given a life of their own by vivid colours. The other is solemnly serene and elegantly simple. So perhaps it is no coincidence that you will find an abundance of Buddhist monasteries in the tranquil Indian Himalayas, and around Ladakh and Kashmir, for these regions have their own sense of peace, calmness and unworldliness.

Talk to one of our experts, and you’ll be introduced to Ladakh – India’s ‘little Tibet’ - the perfect country for trekking, rafting and stumbling across unvisited villages like Aichi, with its 11th century monastery.

We can arrange a luxury, tailor-made holiday to India that will include the stupendous, soaring mountain scenery of Sikkim – known as the Garden of the Himalayas – and houseboat cruises on the tranquil waters of Kashmir. You will be able to experience the timeless colonial atmosphere of a cool Himachal Pradesh hill station like Shimala, some 7000 ft high, or wander through picturesque medieval towns with traditional markets, we will even recommend an irresistible snack – from one of the great Kashmir bakeries of Srinagar!

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