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Kerala & Southern India

Southern India has a tropical climate that ensures balmy temperatures year-round, rarely dropping below 18°C.

That said, the region is at its best in the winter period between November and February, when you can avoid the scorching heat of the high summer. There are some regional variations, but temperatures tend to range between 22°C and 30°C, with little rain and minimal humidity. This is a great time for backwater cruises in Kerala, as well as beach relaxation in Goa and sightseeing in Tamil Nadu. Heading up into the hill stations, the temperature does dip quite a bit, and you’ll find you need a fleece or jacket for the chilly mornings and evenings.

By March, the temperature and humidity levels across Southern India begin to rise, and you can expect long, sunny and humid days with average temperatures of 35°C. Whilst the searing heat can make travel in the lowlands uncomfortable, this is a great time to explore the hill stations such as Munnar or Ooty where you’ll be welcomed by fresher air and some much-needed respite from the heat.

By July, the monsoon rains will have made their appearance, bringing average temperatures back down to below 30°C. Humidity is still high, and torrential downpours can make travel difficult. Whilst the choppy seas and heavy rains may spoil any beach plans, the hill stations at this time are particularly lush and beautiful. There are also some major festivals to look out for, and Ayurvedic treatments are said to yield better results during the monsoon season.