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Dwarika’s Resort, Dhulikhel

A charming resort with a Nepali feel and only an hour’s drive from Kathmandu, with a spectacular backdrop of the Himalayas.

After only a matter of hours in Dhulikhel you’ll feel the weight of your previous life lifting from your shoulders, your spirits soaring towards the open sky. The air of the Himalayas is pure, crystal clear, life-giving. If your reason for taking a luxury, tailor-made holiday to Nepal was to rediscover the vital person inside your shell, Dwarika’s Resort is the perfect place to become re-acquainted. 

It isn’t just the high mountain scenery and the fresh air that work the transformation. Dwarika’s is a holistic lifestyle retreat that takes you on a journey to revival, via ancient Himalayan knowledge, a philosophy of care for nature and your self, and contemplation of the correctness between mind, body and earth. 

Dwarika’s Resort, at a glance

  • Holistic lifestyle retreat high in the Himalayas
  • Choice of junior, executive and royal suites crafted by mother nature
  • Use of local materials like stone, wood and slate to preserve the environment and create a haven of positivity
  • Indoor and outdoor living and sleeping spaces
  • Huge windows and patios give astounding mountain and valley views
  • Simple but effortlessly aesthetic décor throughout
  • Royal suite includes a kitchen and your own chef
  • Restaurants offering personal menus designed specially to maintain your own mind/body balance, with ingredients from Dwarika’s farm
  • Relaxing bar

For leisure and pleasure

  • Complete focus on the wellbeing of the individual
  • enjoying the incredible views from the infinity pool
  • Himalayan salt room
  • Meditation maze
  • Chakra sound chambers
  • Pottery, painting and cookery classes
  • Hiking expeditions and nature walks

  • We would strongly recommend Ultimate Travel as an ethical and imaginative travel company for bespoke and truly unique holidays.

    AB, January 2021