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Sri Lanka is a great holiday destination no matter the month, with both sides of the island basking in sunshine throughout different periods of the year. The weather is largely influenced by two monsoon seasons; these bring rain to the west and south-west coasts of Sri Lanka from May to September, whilst the east and northern regions are at their wettest between October and February.

Outside of the monsoon periods the island generally enjoys balmy weather and plenty of sunshine. That being said, the weather in Sri Lanka is known for its unpredictability and rain can occur at any time. Temperatures along the coast average between 25-30°C, whilst the highlands are cooler with a range of 15-18°C. Sri Lanka has its peak tourist season from December to around mid-April, thanks to good overall weather conditions, so plan early and book ahead.

The central hills and the southwest coast are at their best between January and March, which is also the ideal time for whale and dolphin watching. The Cultural Triangle, which includes the treasures of Dambulla and Sigiriya, is dry for much of the year, with the exception of high rainfall in November and December. The Tea Country, thanks to its high elevation, is much cooler than other parts of Sri Lanka, whilst Kandy sits at a lower altitude and enjoys higher temperatures.