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Positioned on the Persian Gulf Coast with a dry desert climate, Dubai all but guarantees hot, sunny weather and blue skies year-round – perfect for those in search of some winter sun. There is precious little rain – on average only 25 days a year, and even then, only in the form of fleeting showers and the occasional thunderstorm. 

Temperatures in Dubai are at their lowest (still a balmy 14°C – 24°C) in January, whilst the summer months between June and August can be sweltering with temperatures topping 40°C. Thankfully, Dubai’s myriad indoor attractions – from restaurants and shopping malls – are all well air-conditioned. There are usually fewer crowds over the summer, and if you keep out of the midday sun it can still be a good time to visit. 

November to April, when the days are long and not overly hot, is generally considered the optimal time to visit. With temperatures rarely dipping below 25°C during the day, it’s a great opportunity for sightseeing as well as enjoying the beautiful beaches and incredible waterparks.  

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