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Avoid the high temperatures of summer and explore Egypt’s wonders when the days are cooler (but still nice and warm) between October and April. While this is the optimal time for exploring the pyramids and relaxing Nile cruises, it’s also the busiest time with lots of tourists to be expected at the main sites. Those looking to travel over the Christmas and New Year period should book well in advance in order to secure the best accommodation. 

Despite rising temperatures, April and May are still pleasant months to explore. That said, something to look out for in early spring is the Khamsin, a very hot, dry and dusty wind that sweeps across the country from the desert in the south. It may blow continuously for three or four days at a time, but doesn’t usually cause significant disruption. Easter is another busy period. 

Those who can handle the heat may benefit from the lower prices and quieter attractions of June, the start of the sweltering summer season. A hotel with a pool and air conditioning is a must. Temperatures in July and August are very high (40°C-plus) and are usually avoided. If your travel plans include a cruise on the Nile, however, you may find a nice breeze blowing. 

September is a good month for visiting the Red Sea as you’ll simultaneously avoid both the school holidays and the busy crowds of the peak season. Diving opportunities are good year-round.