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Ras Al Jinz, Arabian Peninsula

Ras Al Jinz means ‘circle of life’. Nothing re-affirms the aptness of the title more than watching a green turtle returning to its birthplace to lay its precious eggs.

Nowhere else on Earth can visitors watch the nesting process of the endangered green turtles, in such close-up detail, as on the shores of the Indian Ocean at Ras Al Jinz. This beautiful turtle reserve is part of a national nature reserve and - by putting it on the itinerary of your luxury, tailor-made holiday to Oman - you will have the privilege of watching these giants of the Indian Ocean hauling themselves up onto the sand, in order to begin again a circle of life that has been repeated for countless centuries.

You will also be gladdened by the knowledge that your visit is playing a small part to help in the continuation of the virtuous circle, and upholding the true values of eco-tourism at its best.

Ras Al Jinz, at a glance

  • Eco-tourism centre in the heart of the Ras Al Jinz National Nature Reserve
  • Close to an ancient fishing village and turtle reserve
  • Choice of 31 carapace rooms and eco-tents
  • 17 air conditioned rooms with en suite facilities
  • Two family rooms with bunk beds and en suite bathrooms
  • 12 luxury eco-tents on a separate hillock with good views, en suite toilets, fridges and TVs
  • Typically regional and international menu, served in the Sambuk Restaurant

For leisure and pleasure

  • Explore a protected area stretching over 120 sq km, with 45 km of beautiful coastline
  • Turtle reserve that allows guided, night observation of rare green turtles
  • Early morning nesting site tours
  • Discover a wide diversity of marine life
  • Natural habitats include ocean, mountains, deserts, wadis and waterfalls
  • Fascinating, 6000 year old archaeological sites revealing tombs and fishing villages
  • Turtle visitor centre, gift shop and library
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