Tofino and Vancouver Island

Nature that goes down a storm

The awesome power of the Pacific. Trees that reach up to scrape the sky. An ultimately challenging surf beach. Tofino and Clayoquot Sound. Wild bears, bald eagles, humpback whales. This is nature at its most impressive. Standing on a beach near Tofino, watching the mighty Pacific Ocean rear up from the horizon and crash repeatedly onto the shore could well be the defining moment of your holiday. The raw power of the sea is unleashed in a stunning display of uncontrollable energy, noise and furious movement – small wonder storm-watching is one of the major attractions for visitors to Tofino, and the waves on Long Beach are fabled amongst the world’s surfers. But storms are not the only moments of natural wonder to be experienced along Vancouver Island’s west coast. You’re hardly likely to forget watching black bears foraging along the fjords of Clayoquot Sound. Or sitting in an open, rigid-hulled Zodiac boat whilst a great grey or humpback whale bursts through the surface of the sea. You can also watch orcas and sea lions, see grizzlies, visit hot springs and walk a 2 km boardwalk trail through beautiful rainforest.

  • It simply does not get any better

    VC, India, 2013