Muskokas and Algonquin

The great outdoors doesn’t come any grander

The vast, untamed wilderness of Algonquin Park. The windswept shores of Georgian Bay Islands. Quaint towns like Gravenhurst, Bracebridge and Huntsville. The inspiring beauty of Lake of Bays and Muskoka Lakes. Together, Muskoka and Algonquin are wonderful. You have to like the great outdoors. You have to love the windswept sensation of standing on a rugged coastline with fresh, cold air pushing inland over a moody sea. You have to be able to see the beauty in a flawless lake; its still waters reflecting forest-clad mountains as they stretch off to the horizon. And, of course, you have to be prepared to come face-to-face with some pretty amazing wildlife, including moose, lynx, bobcat, wolves, foxes, porcupine and birds ranging from great eagles to loons. The Muskoka region, and especially the untouched and untamed wilderness of Algonquin Park, offers the sort of scenery that your camera simply cannot capture. Plus outdoors adventures that include dog sledding, canoeing, cruising and star gazing. It also has some pretty interesting towns. Gravenhurst, Bracebridge and Huntsville are treasures in their own right. Georgian Bay, Lake of Bays and Muskoka Lakes have events, attractions and luxury resorts galore.

  • Nabila has been outstanding. This was a surprise trip for my wife - who does all the holiday planning normally. Nabila listened to my requirements and held my hand every step of the way. Thank you.

    RP, Argentina, 2014