Mont Tremblant

Seasonal beauty, year round

A procession of mighty mountains, culminating in the towering Mont Tremblant. Slowly meandering rivers and crystal clear lakes. Dense forests and open, rolling plains. Sophisticated towns and picturesque villages. In winter the countryside is cloaked in a mantle of pure white; the perfect environment for dog sledders to leave singular tracks across great swathes of virgin snow. The lakes are coated in thick ice – a natural stage for skaters. Trees are laden with white and the forests are eerily devoid of sound. In summer the Quebec landscape bursts into rich greens; the sky is blue and the great Laurentian Mountains march in formidable formation across the horizon, leading to the highest peak of all – Mont Tremblant. Now is the time – and place - for you to indulge your taste for mountain biking, or hiking. Or playing a round of golf. Or canoeing and kayaking across tranquil lakes. Or discovering tiny villages. Or trying your hand at sports fishing. Or simply wandering around the region’s main town. Tremblant features the Pedestrian Village, with a fine array of restaurants, shops, spas and art galleries.

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