St Alexis Des Monts

Canada’s own ‘Lake District’

Surrounded by the grand mountains, rounded hills and stunning valleys of the Laurentian Mountains. Punctuated by hundreds of lakes. Near to the renowned Matawin Wildlife Reserve. St Alexis des Monts is a totally charming parish municipality set in Quebec’s beautiful Mauricie region. At its centre is the handsome, neo-Italianate church of Saint Alexis, and nearby stands Sacacomie; an extremely luxurious, traditionally-styled wooden lodge with just about every modern comfort and amenity imaginable, including a spa with a wide range of relaxing treatments. But the real appeal of St Alexis des Monts lies in the surrounding countryside. As well as the St Laurentian Mountains the area is graced by no less than 600 lakes – so many in fact that a third of them remain unnamed. Outdoors activities like kayaking, canoeing and boating are a given. The fishing is excellent, and riding a horse through such glorious countryside is an experience not to be missed. And then, or course, there is the promise of a true backwoods, back-to-nature adventure as you explore the extensive Matawin Wildlife Reserve.

  • Augusta - She was fantastic & got us exactly what we wanted in very little time. Her advice was spot on & very much appreciated.

    SJC, Kenya, 2016