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A bit about me

Aged 19, I embarked on a 5,000 mile solo bicycle tour of Europe. From this unique experience grew a love of travel, and more than 30 years later I am still excited at the prospect of the next adventure. The enjoyment in my job is being able to help our clients plan their own travel adventures.

My favourite place

My favourite place has to be Vietnam, with an average age of just 27, the people of Vietnam have an energy for growth and prosperity that is infectious. Combine this with their 20,000 years of cultural history and you have the perfect balance – The Yin & Yang if you like –  for a memorable travel experience.

My travel wish-list

  • To see the sun rise at the summit of Kilimanjaro.
  • To drink cocktails whilst enjoying a view of the Sydney Opera House
  • To ride a motorcycle along the twists and turns of a high alpine pass.

My most memorable experience

There is a 15th century legend of a sacred turtle that lives in the murky waters of a lake in central Hanoi. To catch sight of the six foot reptile is considered extremely good luck. A sighting is so rare that it’s appearance literally stops the traffic as excited locals abandon their cars and bicycles to jostle three deep at the lake-side to catch sight of the sacred beast. I was lucky enough to witness this on my second day in Hanoi and even more surprised when I saw this extraordinary event reported on the national news that evening.

My top tips are

  • Photocopy your passport and keep it separate to the original in case of loss or theft.
  • Make your hold baggage distinctive with a bow or ribbon. It is not uncommon for travellers to walk off with a similar but different bag to their own.
  • A small folding umbrella serves not just as protection from an unexpected downpour, but also protects from the fierce sun of far off places.