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A bit about me

I have been exploring South East Asia and all it has to offer for many years, and keep finding new gems. From backpacking beach breaks, to island hopping, to time spent on boat trips in the jungle, to trekking in the Himalayas, my sense of adventure has grown over time, as has the need to find places that are untouched an unexplored! The Indian subcontinent and Asia keep amazing me, and even though I have covered a number of countries in depth…I still feel I have only just scratched the surface!

My favourite place

Komodo National Park in Indonesia was an amazing, wild, beautiful and unique place. I spent my time on the top deck of a private boat watching the incredible scenery go by, before stopping off the jump out and swim with Manta Rays! Early morning treks in search of Komodo Dragons were exciting and really rewarding – all in time before the midday sun comes up and these rare beasts disappear. In the afternoon we would dive off the boat to swim amongst an amazing reef, and watch dolphins dive next to us as the sun set.

My favourite hotel

Gantey Goenpa Lodge, Bhutan. This is the best hotel on earth, no question.

Most memorable experience

Arriving into Bhutan, and realising I had never and may never again experience such a secretive magical mysterious country! The people, the smells, the incredible Himalaya views – nothing compares to Bhutan, and it changed the way I thought about travel.

Top tips

  • Forgo some luxury in Kalimantan Indonesia, to stay on board a Klotok boat. You sleep eye level with amazing Primates and Orang utans in the jungle!
  • Consider Bhutan in August, the heavy rains have passed and the mountains are vivid green and teeming with life, and hotels charge less
  • Go for a private guide in Kathmandu in Nepal for a day, it’s a hectic and colourful little city – a guide will show you the best spots, and places to eat
  • Street food in Vietnam really is the best. Eat like a local; choose a place with tiny plastic stools, and enjoy some cheap amazing local food
  • Always upgrade to the room with the best view – its never something you regret