A bit about me:

With over ten years experience tailor-making trips spanning the globe, I now specialise in Africa, a continent which continues to amaze and excite me with each visit.

My first taste of Africa was a trip to Mombasa and Tsavo National Park in the mid 90’s. The beach property in which we stayed is now long gone, but the Kenyan hospitality and East African charm that first captivated me still remains.

My favourite place

The landscapes of the Okavango Delta are truly mesmerising and endless game viewing opportunities will rarely disappoint.

Choose a camp or lodge within a concession and enjoy a wider variety of game viewing activities such as night drives and walking safaris, which are not permitted within the National Park.

The Jao concession is fantastic for bird watching, and being in the north of the Delta, camps here should be able to offer year round water-based game viewing.

My favourite hotel

Singita Sasakwa Lodge. This stunning property has a fantastic hilltop location within Grumeti Game Reserve to the west of Serengeti. Views from the lodge are breathtaking, the guiding is fantastic, and Grumeti offers reliable and consistent game viewing year round.

Visit Sasakawa Lodge May – July for a great chance of witnessing the Wildebeest Migration.

My most memorable experience

Climbing into a hot air balloon at dawn and floating peacefully over the vast plains of the Serengeti as the sun rose. Spotting game from this unique perspective was a truly magical experience.

My top tips are

  • Take a good pair of binoculars. Your guide will always have a spare pair or be happy to share his, but having your own immediately to hand will ensure that you never miss out on a sighting.
  • Roll your clothes; luggage space on safari is at a minimum, so packing is always a tricky business. By rolling your clothes you create more space.
  • Take some re – hydration drinks/salts. A full-on safari with high temperatures can really take it out of you. I find that a re-hydration drink can help with early starts and long days when it’s super hot.
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