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A bit about me

From an early age I was always interested in Geography and ended up studying it as a degree. It was in my early twenties that I first visited Asia, on a six month backpacking trip with a friend. Shortly after returning home, I realised that working in the travel industry was what I wanted to do as a career.

I started working in the industry in 2003 and have been travelling to Latin America and Asia on holiday and for educational trips ever since. Since joining The Ultimate Travel Company in 2010, I have been sent on many trips to Asia to increase my knowledge of the destinations and hotels. I greatly enjoy working with clients in creating fantastic travel experiences for them, that will live long in their memories.

My favourite place

Indonesia is my favourite country. I really enjoy snorkelling, diving and finding pristine and remote tropical beaches of which Indonesia has many. I love the dramatic landscape of green paddy fields with volcanoes towering above. There is a wealth of nature experiences across the archipelago, some fantastic hotels, as well as some impressive religious monuments such as Borobodur and the myriad of Hindu temples on Bali.

My favourite hotel

Misool Eco Resort in Raja Ampat, Eastern Indonesia is my favourite hotel. The resort has been created on a tiny island, a four hour speedboat ride from Papua. The resort is created from reclaimed wood and driftwood. It is well thought out and has been beautifully finished. It sits in the middle of the coral triangle, an area of the planet which has the most biologically diverse coral reefs. The surrounding seas have been classified a no-take zone, so no fishing or harvesting of any sort is allowed. It is a fantastic place to stay and it is comforting to know that staying there helps protect the marine life of this important area and also benefits the local communities.

My most memorable experience

Snorkelling alongside a massive whale shark in the Maldives, near Mirihi resort.


My top tips are

  • Take an umbrella with you around Angkor Wat, for shade and rain showers, there is little vegetation cover at some of the temples.
  • At Aditya hotel in Sri Lanka, ask for a table especially set up on the beach for dinner. There is no extra cost.
  • Consider Lombok instead of Bali. Much less crowded, better beaches, some lovely hotels that are half the cost of their equivalent on Bali.
  • Neil understood our brief completely and put together an ideal and comprehensive programme. He was a joy to deal with

    AS, Thailand 2013
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