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A bit about me

Being on the Latin American Travel Association (LATA) committee, you can tell that I am very passionate about that part of the world. I started my career working in banking and finance for many years and had always wanted to take time out to go travelling. So in ’97 I booked a one way ticket to Canada with a friend, bought a car in Vancouver, drove across to Boston down to New Orleans and back across to California. From there, I travelled overland through Mexico down to Panama City and flew across to Colombia.

I then travelled overland down the left hand side of the continent to Puerto Montt in Chile, across to Rio and along the coast to Belem. I then took the boat to Manaus and made my way back up to Caracas for my flight home roughly two years later.

My interests include studying Spanish, discovering ancient civilisations, voluntary work in animal sanctuaries, seeing exotic animals, food and drink. I had a great time travelling in Latin America and enjoy sending people back there to see the things I’ve seen.

My favourite place

Ciudad Perdida’ (The Lost City) in Colombia – 1,250 people trek here in a year, which is the same amount of people on the Inca Trail in one day! It probably also helps that my wife is Colombian!

My favourite hotel

Would have to be the Copacabana Palace in Rio. Probably because I stayed in one of the 7 Penthouse Suites!

My most memorable experience

Taking a puma for a walk on a piece of rope in an animal sanctuary in Bolivia. Thankfully I’ve survived to tell the tale!


My top tips

  • La Puerta Falsa, Candelaria, Bogota – the oldest functioning restaurant in Bogota that’s been with the same family since 1816. Great place to taste Santa Fe tamales.
  • O’Barco in Buzios, Brazil – a great little inexpensive fish restaurant overlooking the sea.
  • If visiting Costa Rica try and get down to Corcovado National Park. The wildlife is amazing and it’s almost pristine as it’s difficult to get there.
  • Don’t listen to the Amazon guides when they tell you it’s safe to swim in the rivers!
  • Try and get to Northern Peru, whilst not as popular as the South the scenery around the Cordillera Blanca is stunning.
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