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I spent lots of my childhood travelling and living abroad – plus my natural “wanderlust”, both of which I have led me to the travel industry. My many years spent in Corporate Travel and Distribution Systems, have allowed me to travel widely, and soak up the history of many cultures. It is the customs and traditions that I primarily enjoy, rather than specific sights. It’s the “feel” of a place, and how the people live that interests me.

My present role at The Ultimate Travel Company allows me to offer the best of my knowledge with a need to recognise what our clients require and respond accordingly. Our reward is their acknowledgment of our success in meeting the high expectations that they expect, and more importantly, placing their trust in our service.

My favourite place

Europe – the whole world in one continent. The most varied culture, food, history, sights, smells and sounds of anywhere in the world.

My favourite hotel

Waldorf Astoria in New York City is the best hotel in the best city.

My most memorable experience

A night visit to Petra in Jordan. The atmosphere was unique as the sun set and the local tribesmen joined us – the most haunting and peaceful place that I have experienced.

My top tips are

  1. Check Visa/passport info is correct and up to date.
  2. Ensure airline/supplier loyalty schemes are utilised.
  3. Use on-line check in whenever possible.
  4. Beat jet lag – adjust watches as soon as boarding, for destination time.
  5. Check weather – dress/pack accordingly.
  6. Allow plenty of time for check in and transfers. Airlines are unforgiving.
  7. Learn the art of travelling light.
  8. Check hotels/airports have wi-fi.
  9. Use the airline lounges, even if payment required.
  10. Ensure useful telephone numbers and/or contacts are loaded onto mobile.
  11. Don’t dismiss so called lo-cost carriers. They have improved.