My specialist countries:

Working in the escorted tours department we cover all areas throughout the world.

A bit about me:

I grew up living in Singapore and Dubai so I had the chance to explore Asia and the Middle East including Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Borneo and Oman as well as Australia and New Zealand. I studied Spanish at university so spent a year living in Northern Spain studying and teaching English. After I left university, I went back to Indonesia to explore Java, Bali, Lombok and the Gili Islands. Before I started at Ultimate, I went to South America and explored Chile, Peru and the Galapagos Islands. I have now been to Cuba and recently joined our popular tour leader, Marie-Therese Hill, and guest lecturer Douglas Skeggs on an escorted tour to Budapest.

My favourite part of my job is talking to the clients, it is lovely to hear people getting excited as they get ready to go on their trip and it is fun chatting to them about all the exciting things they will do during their trip.

My favourite place

I am constantly changing my mind, but my favourite place at the moment is Cuba. I think the country’s turbulent history is fascinating and the people are very friendly, they are so keen to discuss their heritage with you. Cuba is still unspoilt by tourism and I was lucky enough to visit the tobacco-growing Vinales Valley. I went hiking through the valley with a local guide who then taught me how to make the famous Cuban cigars. My favourite thing was walking home up the main street in the evening and seeing the oxen walking up the main street – a complete change from the centre of London!

My favourite hotel

The Iberostar Grand Hotel in Trinidad as it is a beautiful colonial hotel in the middle of the colourful picturesque streets of the Unesco World Heritage site. It has beautiful rooms over-looking the mountains and sugar plantations. Cars are forbidden in the centre so you can walk round the corner from the hotel to the Casa de La Musica and watch the salsa dancing which happens in the main square every evening.

My most memorable experience

Snorkelling with penguins and sharks in the Galapagos Islands was absolutely incredible!

My top tips

  • Watch the amazing horse show at the stunning Lázár Equestarian Park outside of Budapest. The park is owned by the Lázár brothers who were once the world champions in carriage racing. Whilst you are in Budapest, stay in the Intercontinental Hotel with a room overlooking the Danube and Buda.
  • Experience walking the Inca Trail up to the Sun Gate to arrive at Machu Picchu as the sun comes up.
  • Always exchange enough cash when you arrive at Havana Airport as credit cards are not commonly accepted and the queues in the bank are huge.
  • Try scuba-diving through the shipwrecks off the Cuban coasts and definitely treat yourself to a traditional Cuban Mojito at the end of it!
  • Walk to the top of the Valle de la Luna in the middle of the Atacama Desert in Chile. One of the driest places on earth, it is meant to resemble the surface of the moon.