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Hotel Museum Cayara, Potosi

In the 16th century it was one of the most ‘industrialised’ places on Earth, fabled as a legendary silver town. Today it is a beautiful and fascinating World Heritage site and also the highest city in the world!

If you really want to glimpse the true nature of Bolivia’s industrial past – when silver drew adventurers of all types from across the world, make sure a stay at Museum Hotel Cayara just outside of Potosi is part of your luxury, tailor-made holiday to Bolivia.

You will stay – in homely comfort – in a hotel that’s actually a living museum in its own right. The hotel Museum Cayara lives up to its name by being a perfectly restored 16th century hacienda with a vividly painted traditional, tiled courtyard and, of course, a museum tracing the colonial history of the house and its surroundings.

Hotel Museum Cayara, at a glance

  • Beautifully restored hacienda just 22 km from Potosi, one of the highest city in the world
  • Just 14 guest accommodations including: two grand suites, two romantic honeymoon suites, six double rooms with private bathrooms, plus two double and two triple rooms with shared bathrooms
  • Breakfast and guided tour of the museum included
  • Acclaimed restaurant specialising in local delicacies

For leisure and pleasure

  • Involving museum full of religious artefacts, books and historical relics
  • Great Hall of Jack Aitken with Peruvian Conquistador armour, War of Independence muskets and sabres, cavalry pieces, pre-Columbian pottery
  • Serene gardens and walkways
  • Just five km from fantastic rock formations
  • Excursions to see buildings carved into cliff sides
  • Easy access to the colonial architecture, restaurants, bars, museums, galleries and shops of Potosi
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