Iguazu Falls

one of the most spectacular waterfalls on the planet

Spanning the border between Argentina and Brazil, the thundering cascades of the Iguazu Falls make it one of the most spectacular waterfalls on the planet. Whether you choose to see it from the sky or from below in a boat, it will be an experience to remember.

No matter where you’re going in Brazil, you must make time to visit the Iguazu Falls. This legendary waterfall is one of the greatest natural wonders of the world and just a short flight from Rio.

Running for some 2,700m, the Iguazu Falls is made up of a string of over 200 separate cataracts that together form a soaring cascade of crashing water over a horse-shoe shaped cliff. It’s a truly mesmerising spectacle and one you have to see for yourself on a tailor-made trip.

A zodiac boat will take you to the foot of the falls, but perhaps the best way to view Iguazu is by soaring above it in a chartered helicopter. From your position in the sky, you will really be able to comprehend the sheer scale and magnitude of this natural phenomenon. You can also walk along the series of walkways to get different views of the falls and some fantastic photo opportunities.

Situated at the heart of the Iguazu National Park, the Falls is enclosed by a lush rainforest that teems with over 2,000 species of plant and a variety of wildlife such as tapirs, howler monkeys, jaguars and ocelots.

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