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the largest freshwater wetland on the planet

The Pantanal, the largest freshwater wetland on the planet, is also home to one of the world’s most fascinating ecosystems. With an enchanting mix of habitats and a plethora of interesting species, this is arguably the finest place to see wildlife in Brazil.

Sprawling across the middle of South America, the Pantanal encompasses seasonal wetlands, sweeping savannah and rich forests that together support a mind-boggling array of mammals, reptiles and birds. Regarded highly as one of the world’s top wildlife spotting destinations, a trip to the Pantanal is a must not only for wildlife enthusiasts but for those who wish to explore a region largely untouched by humans.

This extraordinary wetland paradise is full of creatures like monkeys, giant anteaters, tapirs, anaconda, capybara, caiman and giant river otters, and experienced guides may even be able to show you the elusive wild jaguar. Bird watching is equally phenomenal, with American rhea, jabiru stork, hyacinth macaws, toucans and parrots amongst the hundreds of other species recorded here.

Travelling by open jeep, dugout canoe or on foot, you will discover the diverse wildlife of the Pantanal on both day and night expeditions led by qualified guides. Another great and unique way to explore is on horseback; a lack of roads mean horses can take you to otherwise unreachable areas.

If you’ve been inspired to explore the Pantanal on a luxury, tailor-made trip, then simply get in touch with one of our Brazil experts.

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Barra Mansa, Southern Pantanal Pantanal

You’ll find Barra Mansa Lodge very comfortable, hospitable and actually quite stylish in  its own traditional way. There’s a great restaurant and modern facilities like satellite TV and WiFi. And with a maximum …

Araras Eco Lodge, Northern Pantanal Pantanal

For dedicated wildlife enthusiasts and committed twitchers – not to mention the creatures of the Pantanal - diversity is the spice of life. This vast, continuous wetland environment is the largest on the planet. It has …

Caiman Ecological Refuge, Southern Pantanal Pantanal

In fact, Caiman Ecological Refuge – set within Caiman Ranch – is an ideal starting point for a whole series of natural discoveries. Imagine peering into the forest canopy, for example, to find you’re looking into …


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