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Refúgio Ecológico Caiman, Pantanal

Deep in the heart of the Southern Pantanal of Mato Grosso do Sul lies the perfect place to discover, close up, the inscrutable nature of the caiman – an even more prehistoric-looking version of a crocodile.

In fact, Refúgio Ecológica Caiman – set within Caiman Ranch – is an ideal starting point for a whole series of natural discoveries. Imagine peering into the forest canopy, for example, to find you’re looking into the unblinking eyes of a jaguar. Or picture yourself on bird safari, watching a pair of toco toucans or listening to the screams of hyacinth macaws. Or trekking a giant anteater as it searches for termites.

Now combine the outdoors experience with the comfort of the Pantanal’s most charming lodges and villas, and you have Refúgio Ecológica Caiman.

Refúgio Ecológica Caiman, at a glance

  • Natural wilderness setting in a 53,000-hectare ranch
  • Just 236 km from the state capital Campo Grande
  • Private villas for whole groups or families, with open air, thatched sleepers, double bedroom suites, observation decks, lounge/lecture room, open dining room overlooking the river
  • Cordilheira Lodge with five suites each with a double bedroom, en suite, and living room
  • Baiazinha Lodge with six standard rooms, en suites and raised decking overlooking the lake’s inlet

For leisure and pleasure

  • Swimming pool and excellent restaurant
  • Knowledgeable, expert guides for all nature safaris
  • Bird watching
  • Photographic safari
  • Nature trail walks and cycling
  • Noctural spotlight excursions
  • Canadian canoeing and boat trips on the Aquidauana River
  • Cattle driving
  • Cowboy festivals, breakfasts and barbecues
  • We honestly believe that there is no better company for organising trips worldwide.

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