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Ecuador and Galapagos Islands

Ecuador is a genuine year-round destination with the only significant rainfall occurring in the tropical forests of the Amazon Basin. As opposed to clearly defined seasons, the country experiences micro climates with weather varying from region to region. The peak season, however, runs from mid-June to early September.

The capital, Quito, sits on the Equator and has a climate that is often described as perpetual spring. The highlands are hot and sunny throughout the year, though showers can be expected at any time. For hiking, we would avoid the warmer, wetter months of December to March, whilst this period happens to be the best time for beach days on the coast with typically only a short-lived afternoon shower.

Like Ecuador, the Galapagos Islands can be visited throughout the year, though sea conditions can be a little choppy and uncomfortable during the cooler, windier months between July and September. When you decide to visit will likely depend on the specific wildlife you want to see, as certain species and wildlife activities can only be observed at certain times of the year.

For snorkelers and divers, we recommend the warmer months between January and May as the seas are at their calmest and visibility is excellent. It’s also the time of year when green turtles lay their eggs on the beaches, and blue-footed boobies perform their unique mating dance. August, on the other hand, is the best time for swimming with baby sea lions.

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