Ecuadorian Amazon

Ecuador’s pristine jungle will open your eyes to another world

Ecuador’s portion of the Amazon, though small, is one of the most bio diverse corners of the planet; a spectacular jungle playground and sanctuary to a sensational mix of wildlife. With a tailor-made trip there’s also the opportunity to learn about the extraordinary lifestyles of the Amazon’s indigenous people.

Covering almost half of the country in a region known as ‘El Oriente’, a visit to Ecuador’s pristine Amazon jungle will open your eyes to another world.

Whether you’re trekking through the thick forest on foot, drifting along the winding rivers in a traditional dugout canoe or navigating a kayak through lush mangroves, you can be sure of a sensational wildlife experience.

Exploring the enchanting rainforest with an expert naturalist guide by your side, you can expect to see some of the world’s most exotic species, from raucous monkeys swinging in the canopy above to black caimans wading through the rivers. You might spot pink river dolphins and the elusive jaguar, not to mention many of the 500 species of bird that have been recorded here. Keep your eyes peeled for toucans, tanagers, hummingbirds and rarities like the zigzag heron.

Seeing the unique flora and fauna is not the only highlight of a visit the Amazon Basin. Meeting the various indigenous tribes that call the rainforest home, such as the Quichua and Huaorani, and getting an insight into their customs and traditions is a truly unique and memorable experience.

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