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Karanambu Trust and Lodge, Rupununi

Giant river otters, giant anteaters and the world’s largest alligator species – the black caiman. Everything about Karanambu adds up to adventure on a large scale.

If you’re looking for a really big wildlife experience, there’s only one place to come. Karanambu was once a vast cattle ranch and Balata collection station, but it’s now the home of some pretty impressive creatures.

As you’ll discover when you explore its 110 square miles of savannah, wetlands, riparian forest and 30 mile long stretch of the mighty Rupununi River. You can expect to encounter up to 600 different species of brightly coloured, busy, noisy birds. So have your camera ready and your reactions set to ‘fast’. At Karanambu you’re also likely to come across giant river otters, giant anteaters and even giant water lilies, not to mention big cats like jaguar. Plus capybara, black caiman, arapaima and jabiru stork.

Be prepared to be impressed with the size of Karanambu’s biodiversity.

Karanambu Lodge, at a glance

  • Fantastic wildlife setting
  • Choice of just six traditionally built, clay brick and thatched cabins
  • Spacious and very comfortable with charmingly rustic décor
  • En suite showers
  • Shaded verandas with relaxing hammocks
  • Informal dining at the hosts’ table

For leisure and pleasure

  • Early morning and evening wildlife expeditions, tailored to your expectations
  • River voyages of discovery
  • Safari vehicles with experienced guides
  • Flora and fauna walking tours
  • Unrivalled bird watching
  • Cassava making and local cultural encounters
  • Fishing and village trips by arrangement
  • Great opportunity to contribute to the preservation of rare and biologically important wildlife

  • A company that lives up to its name. Their level of service, professionalism and attention to detail is second to none!

    GC, December 2020