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Amanwana, Moyo Island

In essence you’re camping on a deserted island. But you’re unlikely to have ever experienced such tented luxury before. Or explored such a castaway paradise.

You rub your eyes and walk out onto your canopied terrace, the early morning sun gently warming your face. And there, before your sleepy eyes, is a wild rusa deer quietly grazing at the edge of the surrounding jungle. You look up and a macaque is peering down at you from the lofty branches of a nearby tree. You pause. Should you tiptoe back inside for your camera and risk disturbing the moment, or simply capture the scene in your own memory?

Don’t worry; if you include a stay at Amanwana on Moyo Island during your luxury, tailor-made holiday to Indonesia there will be many such unmissable moments. The island is a symphony of jungle rich in wildlife and some of the most deserted white beaches in Indonesia.

Amanwana Resort, at a glance

  • Jaw-dropping jungle resort - the only one on a totally unspoiled island
  • Ringed by beautiful beaches and warm waters
  • Choice of ultra-luxurious tented suites with views of the ocean or jungle
  • Ocean tents are set back from the beach, with sweeping sea vistas, private terraces, wooden floors and canopied king-size beds
  • Jungle tents are hidden away amidst the shading trees of the tropical forest and include tented beds, air conditioning and lounges with corner sofas
  • Large en suite bathrooms
  • Hardwood decks with coral stone surrounds
  • Indonesian island artwork and ultra-stylish décor
  • Restaurant overlooking the Flores Sea serving simple, deicious cuisine including fresh fish bought direct from local fishing boats

For leisure and pleasure

  • Jungle Cove Spa set on the seafront offering massage, facials and body treatments in a dedicated spa tent
  • Diving and snorkelling over technicolour reefs, deep sea walls and coral cays
  • Superb and varied marine life including rays, sea turtles, dolphin and whales
  • Hiking trails and safaris to see rusa deer, macaque monkeys and wild boar
  • Walks to discover the island’s indigenous flora and fauna
  • Romantic cruises and boat excursions to secluded coves

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  • What was particularly impressive was the way in which Catherine listened to what we like to do and combined all of this in a destination we would not have considered - a truly terrific effort.

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