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Although travel to Laos is possible year-round, the months between October to April are considered the best time to visit thanks to the pleasant climate and dry weather. If you’re planning on exploring the country’s rivers – such as the mighty Mekong – then we recommend November to January when the water levels are high. River levels reach their lowest in April, making water travel difficult in some parts of the country. In the dry season temperatures usually range between the mid 20°Cs to mid 30°Cs. A good way to escape from the heat is to add in a trip to the Bolaven Plateau which is cooler due to the higher altitude.

While the rest of the country basks in the heat, the highlands in the north, east and central regions of Laos remain relatively cool. The rains return to Laos between May and October – a time known as the ‘green season’ thanks to the lush greenery that carpets the landscape, which in turn attracts plenty of wildlife. In the early wet season the rain is typically short lived and needn’t have too much impact on your travel plans. Waterfalls are at their finest during this time, and you can still expect plenty of sunshine, especially in the north.