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With a classic equatorial climate, Malaysia sees high temperatures in every month and has two short monsoon seasons. Whilst these are hard to predict, they usually occur around September and April. Kuala Lumpur and the west coast can be visited year-round, which makes them perfect for a city break or beach getaway.

As well as warm temperatures, occasional showers can be expected throughout the year. The rain is unlikely to have much impact on your trip, but if you are heading towards the west coast then you may want to avoid September and October as the region sees more rain than usual. Instead, you could explore the east coast which should be basking in sunshine. The diving hotspots of Tioman and Redang and the pristine beaches of the Perhentian Islands are at their best between March and October.

Come November, the wet season arrives on the east coast and many properties will shut their doors until March. This is when the west coast starts sees a large number of visitors. With temperatures hovering around 30°C, this is the ideal time for sightseeing in the capital or relaxing on the gorgeous beaches of Langkawi or Penang.