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Thailand has a typical tropical climate with just two seasons: wet and dry. Although there are regional variations, the country is a great year-round destination. Keep in mind that visiting some of the more remote areas becomes more difficult in the height of the rainy season, usually August to October. The cool and dry months between November and the beginning of April are considered optimal time to travel. With many more visitors during this period it’s important to book well ahead to ensure a stay at the best hotels.

In Northern Thailand temperatures can vary greatly throughout the year. At its coldest the weather can dip down to zero degrees, but between March and May you can expect weather hotter than the central plains. The south is slightly unusual, with the east and west coastlines out of sync with each other. The west coast (Phuket, Khao Lak and Krabi) is better during the winter when the beaches are bathed in sunshine and the diving is excellent. The east coast on the other hand is at its best during our summer months, as well as at the end of the dry season.