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Jade Mountain Resort, St Lucia

Just when you thought your beach holiday could not possibly become more pampered, relaxed and self indulgent, Jade Mountain pulls an ace from its sleeve.

For sheer indulgence what could beat a designer sanctuary with its own private, infinity pool – reached by a bridge? Or waking up in a glamorous suite with one wall completely open to the Caribbean vista? What could rival a choice of two soft sandy beaches, or the prospect of taking a romantic cruise aboard a sleek white yacht or catamaran? And how do you top being pampered in a world class spa, after an enthralling morning scuba diving in a multi-coloured marine world? With chocolate?

Put Jade Mountain on the menu for your luxury, tailor-made holiday to the West Indies and – as well as organic cuisine created by an award-winning chef – you can treat yourself to the chocolate alchemy of the resort’s own Chocolate Laboratory, featuring pure estate-grown cocoa.

Jade Mountain, at a glance

  • Choice of 24 individual sanctuaries reached by private bridges
  • All featuring infinity pools and panoramic seascape views stretching across the Caribbean to the Pitons
  • Plus five sky Jacuzzi suites with double Jacuzzis instead of pools
  • 15 foot high ceilings with a ‘missing wall’ giving completely open views over the sea
  • Up to 2000 sq ft of living space and 900 sq ft pools
  • Caribbean colour themes, natural stone columns and sustainable tropical hardwood floors and finishes
  • Ultimately stylish en suite bathrooms
  • Jade Cuisine designed by a world class chef to reflect a brave new world of tropical flavours - served in the Jade Mountain Club - plus private dining options

For leisure and pleasure

  • Two beaches with soft, fine sand
  • Infinity edge swimming pool and sun deck
  • Kai en Ciel boutique spa offering a range of selected treatments and wellbeing therapies
  • Yoga and fitness centre
  • Scuba diving and range of water sports
  • Cruising aboard the Searenity or Lucky T
  • Tennis, biking and hiking
  • Chocolate Laboratory featuring chocolate alchemy using home grown cocoa
  • Visits to Emerald Farm that supplies the resort’s organic produce
  • Flowering, tropical plants and orchid house
  • Evening entertainment includes jazz and classical acoustic guitar performances
  • Cocktails and star gazing from the Celestial Terrace

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