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Bird Island, Seychelles

Honeymooners, beach lovers and naturalists – including David Attenborough – visit to revel in the natural beauty. But it’s the visiting birdlife that gives the island its name.

If you’re planning a honeymoon, or just want a romantic break far away from the bustle of normal life – a little bird will tell you which destination to choose.

Bird Island is a complete gem. With only 80 people in total on the island at one time, its only hotel is simple, nestling in a charming setting, on an unspoiled beach – and that ‘untouched nature’ is attracting some rather select visitors to the island.

The world’s most famous naturalist – Sir David Attenborough – has filmed here. As a keen naturalist, or bird lover, or photographer you will be similarly impressed and enchanted. There are 24 recorded resident species of birds plus over 95 migratory visitors. Dolphins and rays swim close to the shore, whilst green turtles breed on the fine sandy beaches.

Bird Island, at a glance

  • Set on five kilometres of impeccable sand, only 30 minutes flight from Seychelles International Airport on Mahé
  • Just one hotel with only 24 bungalows surrounded by coconut palms
  • Tented, king-sized beds, en suites and simple island-style décor
  • Spacious private verandas
  • Open air dining and bar with views over the ocean 

For leisure and pleasure

  • Swimming in crystal clear waters
  • Five kilometres of unbroken sand
  • Wonderful opportunity to observe nature in an unspoiled habitat
  • Very accessible reef diving and snorkelling
  • Visiting dolphin pod and giant manta rays
  • Seasonal whale watching for humpback, southern right and pilot whales
  • Big game and beach fishing  
  • We have just returned from what was a holiday of a lifetime. I can't thank you enough. The organisation was meticulous and made our lives so much easier. When we plan another holiday we'll be sure to speak with Ultimate Travel first.

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