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Tailor-made Adventure Holidays

Satisfy your sense of adventure. “Don’t look down” the guide said. But, of course, you do. What’s the point of crossing a chasm on a rope bridge if you don’t experience the dizzy height?

An Ultimate Travel adventure holiday could take you trekking through the Himalayas to the mountain villages of Nepal. How better to give your adventure-buds a taste of something new and exciting.

But if you really want to set them tingling, how about taking a horse safari into the realm of wild lions and elephants; the untamed wilderness that is Botswana’s Limpopo Valley? Or riding through a South American rainforest on your way to discovering an ancient Mayan pyramid?

Ask us to recommend a tailor-made adventure holiday and suddenly, the world becomes your playground. Following Africa’s great game herds by hot air balloon. Taking on the mighty Kilimanjaro for charity. Fishing in the Amazon, where the local piranha can definitely give you a bite! Walking the ‘headhunter trail’ and staying in native longhouses in the wilds of Sarawak. White knuckle bobsleighing in Lillehammer.

Wherever you dare, our tailor-made adventure holidays will take you there.

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