Two countries. One, the second largest in the world. The other, one of the most influential that has ever existed. Both irresistible.

Even if you’re visiting The States for the first time you’ll have the uncanny feeling that you have been there before. It’s not déjà vu, it’s the movies. You are, inescapably immersed in American culture. And places like New York, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Monument Valley, the Everglades, California, Death Valley, Route 66, Chicago…will only draw you deeper in.

And then there’s Canada, which will draw you out – out into the greatest outdoors on the planet. Endless forest, lakes the size of small countries, the Niagara Falls, the Calgary Stampede, the northern tundra; the endless, infinite space. A country as big as the sky itself. Talk to our experts about visiting the greatest countries on Earth.