If you want to meet a phoenix, feel the intensity of life amongst true nomads, or see a sleeping giant awakening, visit China, Japan and Mongolia.

Over half a century ago Japan reinvented itself, and today its teeming, neon gleaming cities are a surreal counterpoint to antiquated towns, like Kyoto, full of golden temples and Shinto shrines. The people of Mongolia, once feared empire-builders, now welcome you to their remote gers surrounded by vast, open skies and unbounded horizons. A place of fabulous local festivals of horsemanship, archery, wrestling, dancing and colourful traditional dress. Equally fascinating is the giant that is China; now awakening from the dream world of the Forbidden City, terracotta warriors and the Great Wall. To take its place in a world of glass skyscrapers, booming markets and bustling modern cities. Use this website as a guide to a few of the possibilities. Then talk to our expert Consultants about discovering China, Mongolia and Japan.