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You look up and there they are; proboscis monkeys. Your sense of wonderment is replaced by a question. Why do they have such big noses?

Sometimes there’s time to take a photograph. Sometimes it’s enough to stand and stare. Sometimes, especially if you’re looking at a wild orang-utan or a gorilla, you may have the feeling that you yourself are the curiosity being stared at.

The sense of wonderment you experience when you first see life in the wild is why you’re there. But, for true nature-lovers, that is not quite enough. You also need to know. Why are some primates silver-backed, and others orange? How do cuttlefish communicate? Which individual starts a mass migration?

Taking a safari holiday isn't the only option when you want to get close to the natural world. Talk to our experts about a tailor-made wildlife holiday and your itinerary will take you to the most biologically diverse and breath-taking places imaginable.

But you won’t be alone. You’ll be accompanied by experienced guides and often, by qualified naturalists who specialise in different areas. Ready to answer all your questions.

Talk to people who know, about tailored wildlife tours.

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