Saruni Samburu Camp

With 200,000 acres to explore, how will you ever find the game? The answer is to follow expert local trackers, or walk through the bush with a Samburu warrior.

As well as the elephants, giraffe, waterbuck, impala and lions you’ll see on daytime and eerie night drives across the vast expanse of the Kalama Conservancy, a walk through the bush with a traditionally-dressed Samburu warrior will show you how to read ‘the book of nature’. You’ll learn how locals use different plants, and how animal tracks, droppings, broken bushes and even the smell of trees can help in the hunt.

But there are more reasons to be pleased you chose Saruni Samburu for your luxury, tailor-made holiday to Kenya. At the end of the day you’ll be able to retire to a truly eco-chic lodge, with private villa featuring lamp-lit viewing decks, tented beds opening directly onto expansive verandas and luxurious bathrooms with open-to-the-stars showers.

Saruni Samburu, at a glance

  • Ultimately luxurious, eco-chic lodge in 200,000 acres of unspoiled wilderness
  • Choice of just six family and single villas
  • Family villas typically offer two spacious bedrooms with two en suite bathrooms, including baths and outdoor showers
  • Private living and large dining areas plus verandas with superlative views over the valley and surrounding countryside
  • Single villas have wonderful, romantic shaded decks and open air-effect bedrooms with tented beds and astounding views
  • Excellent cuisine prepared by top chefs

For leisure and pleasure

  • Two large infinity pools
  • Wellbeing spa offering a range of massages and wellness treatments
  • Game drives with local guides to see the animals of Samburu National Reserve, Kalama Conservancy and Buffalo Springs National Reserve
  • Walking safaris through the Kalama Mountains with Samburu warriors
  • Trekking expeditions
  • Fantastic birdwatching with knowledgeable experts
  • Night drives and visits to ancient rock art sites
  • Cultural trips to visit local people in their villages
  • Helicopter and biplane flights
  • Ayesha was patient and informative. Her skills became even more apparent on the holiday - such as the order of the hotels, which were each perfect for that moment.

    S and RD, Bhutan