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Azura Quilalea Island

The ultimate castaway island, Quilalea is host to the stunningly relaxing Azura Hotel.

Stretch out, with a sigh, in your hammock slung beneath the branches of a giant, centuries-old baobab tree and you will come to a realisation. That the rest of the world, is mad. Why doesn’t everyone do this?

In fact, almost no-one else does this. Because, with the exception of the few privileged guests of Azura resort, Quilalea Island is uninhabited. It is a tiny gem cast into the Indian Ocean off the coast of Mozambique, and ringed with golden sand. Untouched and virtually undiscovered, Quilalea is a mini-symphony of tropical mangroves, stunning beaches, a kaleidoscopic marine world and, of course, Azura.

Expect private luxury villas stretched out along pristine shores. Thatched roofs, shuttered but unglazed windows, indigenous gardens…and large portions of peace and tranquillity.

Azura, at a glance

  • Castaway setting on a pristine desert island
  • Choice of just nine luxury villas accommodating only 18 people
  • Surrounded by natural, beachfront gardens
  • Beach-chic design with natural materials, windows with reed shutters and outdoor bush showers
  • Romantic cliff top villa with own plunge pool
  • Cuisine uses local ingredients and fresh fish – served wherever you like
  • Excellent wine cellar

For leisure and pleasure

  • Cliff top swimming pool
  • State-of-the-art spa
  • Dhow sailing and kayak tours of the mangroves
  • Fully equipped game fishing boats
  • PADI five star Scuba diving  and water sports centre
  • Snorkelling
  • Private castaway picnics
  • Whale watching (seasonal) and dolphin tracking

  • We come back to you because we can rely on you and know that you won't leave us on the other side of the world in the hands of people who don't care!

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