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Fish River Canyon

one of Namibia’s greatest natural wonders

Enveloped by a deserted rocky landscape, the mighty Fish River Canyon is one of Namibia’s greatest natural wonders and a photographer’s paradise. Measuring 160 kilometres in length, 27 kilometres in width and 550 metres deep, it is the second largest canyon in the world. 

Snaking a path through a flat plateau in Southern Namibia, the Fish River Canyon was formed millions of years ago by a shift in the Earth's crust that caused the collapse of the valley bottom. Today the sheer scale of this gaping gorge is perhaps only rivalled by the USA’s Grand Canyon. At its base lies the meandering Fish River which, though dry for most of the year, can flood during the rainy season.  

Keen hikers may want to tackle the multi-day Fish River Canyon hike, an intense yet rewarding trek that takes you on an 85 km trail through the canyon. Mountain bikers will also find plenty of scenic routes to explore in this rocky landscape. For something a bit more relaxing, why not spend some time in the natural hot springs at Ai-Ais, or head to one of the viewpoints to simply soak up the superb scenery.  

Although not known as a wildlife destination, as you explore the canyon you may spot klipspringer, kudu, oryx or the rare mountain zebra.

Despite its remote location, we believe the immense beauty of this natural formation makes it well worth a few days’ exploration.

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