Skeleton Coast

one of the world's most dramatic, scenic and dangerous coastlines

If the road less travelled is your style, consider a trip to Namibia’s legendary Skeleton Coast. Known to the locals as the land ‘God made in anger’, this windswept coastline is met by thundering currents and littered with the remnants of wrecked ships and whale bones.

With raging currents, thick fog and shifting underwater sandbanks known as the ‘Sands of Hell’, the Skeleton Coast is heralded as one of the world’s most dangerous coastlines. The rusting remains of sailing vessels dot the shoreline and tell the perilous tale of the early explorers and sailors who attempted to navigate these treacherous waters.

Today it is the dramatic and scenic landscape of the Skeleton Coast that draws visitors, as well as the opportunity for some sensational photography. Bordered by the Namib Desert, you can see incredible rock formations, huge dunes, clay castles and sweeping gravel plains. Despite the bareness of the landscape, hyena, oryx and desert-adapted elephant roam the dry river valleys, whilst the water supports a rich marine ecosystem.

Take it slow on a self-drive along the coast, where you can stop for a while at the seal colony at Cape Cross, or take to the skies in a flying-safari to fully appreciate the scale of this dramatic destination. A multi-day flying tour is an unforgettable experience and will take you some of the most remote sections of the region unreachable by car.

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