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The caprivi strip

A region of lush vegetation, rich floodplains and winding waterways.


Experience one of Namibia’s hidden gems, a captivating wetland region home to seriously impressive concentrations of game. Jutting out from Namibia’s north-eastern corner, this narrow corridor of land known as the Caprivi Strip is unlike anywhere else in the country.

Unlike the dry plains that dominate most of Namibia’s landscape, the Caprivi is a region of lush vegetation, rich floodplains and winding waterways. Traversed by some of Africa’s greatest rivers, including the Chobe, Zambezi, Okavango and Kwando, this strip of land is an enchanting natural wonderland.

The Caprivi is protected by a handful of excellent national parks where you can expect to see a plethora of species, including elephant, crocodile, waterbuck, sable, giraffe and lion. As well as being an important sanctuary for the endangered African wild dog, it is one of the few places in Namibia where you can see buffalo.

Namibia | Caprivi | Ultimate Travel Company

Bird watching here is phenomenal with over 400 different varieties recorded, many of which are endemic to the region. Twitchers can tick off a myriad of water-loving birds, such as plovers, kingfishers, egrets and herons. Also keep an eye out for the lesser jacana and greater swamp warblers.

Activities in the Caprivi range from canoeing and fly-fishing to fantastic river cruises. Bordered by Zambia, Zimbabwe and Botswana, the Caprivi Strip is excellently situated to access other areas such as the Okavango Delta or Victoria Falls.

Get in touch with one of our specialists who will be able to combine Namibia’s Caprivi Strip with other highlights in a luxury, tailor-made itinerary that is right for you.

Namibia | Caprivi | Ultimate Travel Company
Namibia | Caprivi Strip | Ultimate Travel Company


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