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Araras Eco Lodge, Northern Pantanal

Almost 700 different species of birds. 260 types of fish. 80 mammals and 50 varieties of reptiles. If you’re an enthusiastic wildlife watcher, you need to visit the Pantanal.

For dedicated wildlife enthusiasts and committed twitchers – not to mention the creatures of the Pantanal - diversity is the spice of life. This vast, continuous wetland environment is the largest on the planet. It has an area of 150,000 sq km and takes in part of the Amazon Rainforest, the Caatinga, the Brazilian Savanah, the Atlantic Rainforest and Paraguayan Chaco. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site and Biosphere Reserve. And, most importantly, it’s home to wonders ranging from powerful jaguars to tiny frogs the size of your thumbnail. Giant anacondas and gaily painted parrots. Noisy primates and secretive sloths. Bizarre insects and exuberant flowers.

By staying at Araras Eco Lodge on your luxury, tailor-made holiday to Brazil you can be surrounded by it all. Make sure you take back up batteries for your camera.

Araras Eco Lodge, at a glance

  • Dedicated eco lodge in the depths of the Pantanal 
  • Choice of 19 guest rooms decorated with the stylish simplicity typical of the region, but offering great comfort
  • All have en suite bathrooms with hot and cold showers
  • Screened windows, air conditioning and ceiling fans 
  • Large comfy beds and vaulted wooden ceilings
  • Shaded verandas with hammocks
  • Rustic-styled dining room serving a fabulous array of tropical fruits, organic salads and fresh vegetables, with meat and fish from the Pantanal

For leisure and pleasure

  • Swimming pool for cooling off and chilling out
  • Trek through pristine forest with experienced guides who will lead you to iconic animals and show you hidden marvels
  • Unrivalled birdwatching in a variety of habitats, including pristine rainforest
  • Canoe trips through the wetlands eco-system
  • Piranha fishing
  • Horse riding through unspoiled forests and rolling grasslands
  • Specialised safaris aboard photographic-platform vehicles
  • Night drives to discover the nocturnal creatures of the Pantanal 
  • 12 m and 25 m treetop observation platforms
  • Organised camping expeditions

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  • I am unable to express sufficiently my thanks and admiration for the constant care and organisation you put into this journey.

    DH, Argentina