The Polar Regions are, literally, the ends of the Earth. The Arctic definitely feels like a different world – one that’s carved out of solid ice. Intriguing then, that you can travel there in a few hours.

Spend half a day travelling and you could be within Norway’s Arctic Circle; on the edge of a great adventure.

The Arctic region is a world of rugged rock, ice and snow that simply drifts across countries as different as Alaska, Canada, Iceland, Scandinavia and Russia. But wherever you visit you’ll experience jaw-dropping ice sculptures the size of cathedrals, horizon-wide glaciers, icy blue-black waters and an infinity of whiteness.

But it won’t be in a frozen desert. The Arctic teems with wildlife. Polar bears - the world’s largest, land-living carnivores - stalk the ice in search of seals. Clever Arctic foxes follow in their wake. Vast, blubbery walruses wallow on ice floes. Narwhales stick their single, unicorn, tusks through the surface of the sea.

Ask Sara Willis – one of our Arctic experts – to create you a tailor-made itinerary and you can take a luxury Arctic cruise to places as remote, and as famous, as the treacherous North West Passage, Resolute Bay, Baffin Island and Greenland’s coast with its startling abundance of birdlife, reindeer and alpine flowers.

Talk to Sara. Join the select circle who have visited the Arctic Circle.

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