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Become one of the few. One of the few people ever to have explored the interior of the great white continent at the bottom of the world.

It was during a 1,850 km traverse across the continent that a simple, but devastatingly attractive idea occurred to the founders of White Desert. Why didn’t they share their astounding experience with more of their fellow human beings?

Plenty of excellent cruises will take you to the shores of the continent, but if you turn your luxury, tailor-made holiday to Antarctica into a White Desert experience you will be able to explore the interior. And you will feel incredibly small – a mere black speck appearing on the immensity of white. You will stand on high crags, surveying great swirls of endless snow desert, easily imagining that you are the only living person ever to have seen such an awe-striking sight. Interesting? If you’re a true adventurer, the prospect is irresistible.

White Desert, at a glance

  • Stylish tented camp in the white wilderness of Antarctica
  • Choice of specially constructed, high-tech polar tents
  • Solar and wind powered for eco conservation and minimal footprint as part of a carbon neutral, zero impact policy
  • Decorated in Victorian-explorer style with leather armchairs, picnic hampers, brass fittings and hardwood floors
  • Wash areas and conveniences
  • Warm and very comfortable with centralised heater in each tent
  • Delicious hot food, with speciality dishes prepared by top Cape Town chefs

For leisure and pleasure

  • Mobile camp that changes location in accordance with Antarctica’s daylight hours
  • Choice of astonishing adventures with flights from South Africa
  • Trip to the South Pole, trekking to ice tunnels, rock climbing, abseiling and kite-skiing
  • Flights to watch – and stand amongst - emperor penguins on their 6,000-strong march to the sea
  • Transfer by private jet

Other itineraries in Antarctica

  • Once again the service we got from Ultimate was impeccable.

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