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The newest and most advanced vessel in the acclaimed Oceanwide Expeditions fleet, Hondius is the first-registered Polar Class 6 vessel in the world, offering the highest standard of ice-strengthened ship in Antarctica.

Hondius offers high-quality accommodation for up to 170 passengers. There are eight different cabin categories, ranging from porthole cabins (which can be a quadruple or triple) to six grand-suites, all of which have their own private balcony. 

The ship’s interiors are cozy and classically conceived in mid-century modern décor, but her tough small-scale design enables her to react quickly to moment-by-moment weather changes and wildlife opportunities. Hondius is also equipped with stabilisers that make her highly suitable for swift, safe, and nimble exploration of Arctic and Antarctic waters.

Oceanwide’s main focus is always exploration, wildlife, and outdoor activities. For this reason, Hondius carries a powerful fleet of Zodiac boats to guarantee swift and safe transit from ship to shore. She also has two separate gangways for efficient outings as well as an indoor Zodiac embarkation platform that can also be used for special outdoor activities such as kayaking.

When back on the ship, lectures and presentations take place in the large observation lounge. Meals are served in the brightly decorated dining room, surrounded by picture windows allowing for wonderful views. There is also a bar, reception and infirmary.

While cruising, Hondius carries 72 crew and staff members, including expedition and hotel staff, all of whom will be at your service during your polar expedition trip. Hondius is equipped with two main engines and can reach a maximum speed of 15 knots.

Hondius has also looked to minimise its environmental impact, by using the latest forms of sustainable technology in the building of the boat. LED lighting, steam heat, biodegradable paints and lubricants, and flexible power management systems to keep fuel efficiency high and CO2 emissions low are all found on board.

View the Hondius deckplan here.

Hondius, at a glance

  • Modern vessel with a maximum capacity of 170
  • Polar Class 6 (equivalent 1A-Super) ice-strengthened hull
  • Variety of cabin types to suit all budgets
  • Cruises at 15 knots
  • 72 crew and staff members
  • Two gangways for efficient outings
  • Large observation lounge for lectures and presentations
  • Restaurant, bar and infirmary
  • Built using latest sustainable technology
  • Stabilisers to reduce roll

Where will Hondius take you?

  • Spitsbergen
  • Greenland
  • Antarctica Peninsula
  • Antarctic Circle
  • Falkland Islands
  • South Georgia
  • South Orkney Islands
  • South Shetland Islands
  • Svalbard
  • Tristan da Cunha
  • Weddell Sea
  • St Helena
  • Cape Verde

Other itineraries in Antarctica

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