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Of all the iconic reasons to visit Australia, two have an irresistible natural attraction; the beaches and the outback. Sal Salis is where they meet.

Hawksbill, loggerhead and green turtles come here to breed. But you’ll visit to discover a perfectly untouched environment where the remote outback becomes a marvellous marine world. Humpback whales and manta rays cruise effortlessly above a reef that is home to literally hundreds of different types of coral, fish and marine molluscs. Humans can also access it easily, because the reef is just a short swim from the beach immediately in front of your camp.

So Sal Salis turns your luxury, tailor-made holiday to Australia into a natural adventure. At night you’ll hear the sounds of the sea, and the birds and creatures of the outback though the canvas walls of your eco-luxe tent. During the day you’ll explore both the living coral reef and the wildlife and wilderness of the outback.

Sal Salis, at a glance

  • Beach-side safari camp set amidst the dunes of Cape Range National Park
  • Standing on the shore of Ningaloo Reef
  • Choice of just 16 eco-luxe tents putting you in touch with the Western Australian wilderness
  • Comforts like individual en suite bathrooms with showers, native herb soaps and shampoos
  • Wooden floors and decks with hammocks
  • Supreme eco-awareness including water management, natureloos and solar power throughout
  • Superb fusion food served on a deck overlooking the Indian Ocean

For leisure and pleasure

  • Wildlife tours with an experienced guide to help you understand the wildlife of the outback
  • Red kangaroos, rock wallabies, wallaroos and Gould’s goannas, plus over 100 different species of birds
  • Ningaloo coral reef with 500 species of fish, 250 different corals, 600 types of mollusc
  • Watching and swimming with humpback whales, whale sharks and manta rays
  • Kayaking and fishing
  • Wave riding and reef snorkelling
  • Just first class! Interested, imaginative and very helpful.

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