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For an alternative Australia, hop over to ‘South Island’

A devil with the third most powerful bite in the animal kingdom. The second oldest city in Australia. Untouched primeval forests. Historic convict colonies. Pink mountains. Dry eucalypt forests. Wildernesses like the Franklin-Gordon Rivers National Park. Sophisticated Pinot Noir wine.

Tasmania’s wildlife is at large. Wallabies bound about the countryside, possums are everywhere. Wombats, echidnas, quolls and bettongs can be seen, but don’t try petting a Tasmanian Devil; the power of their bite is rivalled only by hyenas and great white sharks! Well, they are devils!

Much less risky is strolling round the museums, the Saturday morning Salamanca markets, the quaint settlers’ houses and charming streets of Hobart – the second oldest city in Australia and one with a remarkable history. If you want to glimpse the lives of the earliest ‘settlers’ to Van Diemens Land, visit Port Arthur, a prison without walls. The surrounding countryside was so inhospitable, even the harshest imprisonment was considered preferable.

Yet you can visit the wildernesses; fly by seaplane to the untouched national parks of the southwest, or explore the Franklin-Gordon Rivers National Park. Take a boat to the one-time convict colony of Sarah Island, or meet wildlife face-to-face in the Cradle Mountain area.

Freycinet National Park with its pink granite mountains, deserted white beaches and dry eucalypt forests; the genteel Tamar Valley with its beautiful artisan vineyards; the ravishing east coast – they all await you on your luxury, tailor-made holiday to Australia.

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  • It was a complicated itinerary for 12 people and Tania got it spot on!

    EM, South Africa, 2015